The Annual Monitoring and Evaluation Best Practices Conference (AMEBPC)

The use of M&E data is of crucial importance in strengthening national and global health systems and services. It reduces costs by providing accurate information for evidence-based planning and decision making and leverage key decision makers to improve the availability and use of information for decision making. AMEBPC is designed to provide a platform for continuous sharing of best practices in Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) across health stakeholders in East Africa. It seeks to strengthen the institutional and individual capacity to generate and use quality data for evidence-based planning and decision making in the health sector. The aim of the conference is to highlight and share the current context, novel contributions, best practices and lessons learned in the use of M&E data for program improvement in Tanzania and neighboring countries.

On 5th September, 2017, the Government of Tanzania launched the improved PlanRep –  a Facility Financial Accounting and Reporting System (FFARS) which was meant     implemented from  2017/2018. The system is a bit different from the previous one which was designed to prepare plans and budget from the higher local government health facilities only.  The current version of PlanRep is designed to capture plans and budget from facility level and track budget, expenditure allocations and services outputs. The new PlanRep enables each service provider to monitor and evaluate its activities for the purpose of enhancing value for money. Thus, the Conference will provide opportunity for the participants to share best practices and success stories from Local Government Authorities on how they have linked the DHIS2 data with the Facility Financial Accounting and Reporting System (FFARS).