Wilbert Bunini Manyilizu

Director of Health and Clinical Services dealing with Treatment and Public Health

Wilbert Bunini Manyilizu is the Director of Public Health and Clinical Services Treatment and Public Health at Mzumbe University. Dr Bunini provides leadership for the team of health care providers and is a technical advisor for the university in preventive health issues of public health interest. In addition, he teaches epidemiology and health psychology for health systems management in the faculty. Dr. Bunini is experienced in strategic planning and management as well as curriculum development and teaching and learning processes. He has led teams and participated in the development of strategic plans, curricula, and training manuals but also participated in the implementation of various activities at the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare Tanzanian Training Centre for International Health (Ifakara), and Mzumbe University for more than 10 years. He has proposed and been awarded a number of projects and successfully supervised US funded projects both at Ifakara and at Mzumbe University.

Before joining Mzumbe University in 2007, Dr. Bunini held various senior positions at St Francis Consultant Hospital, and as a Tanzanian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare trainer at the Tanzanian Training Centre for International Health, Ifakara. Dr Bunini served as the head of different departments at the hospital and the Director/Principal of the Tanzanian Training Centre for International Health, Ifakara. He is also currently a director at Mzumbe University. In addition, Dr Bunini practiced medicine as a general practitioner at St Francis Consultant Hospital in Ifakara and involved himself in clinical research activities at Ifakara Health Institute (Ifakara Health Research and Development Centre by then).

Dr Bunini received an MD in 1997 and an MPH in 2003 from the University of Dar Es Salaam, an MBA (corporate management) in 2008 from Mzumbe University, and is currently a PhD candidate in Epidemiology (human toxicology) at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences with a particular interest in environmental chemical pollution, exposure studies, effect assessment studies and human health.

Date of birth: 16/11/1966
Citizenship: Tanzanian
Nationality: Tanzanian
Address: Mzumbe University P.O Box 101, Mzumbe, Morogoro.
Mobile contact: +255767567914
Email: wbmanyilizu@mzumbe.ac.tz
Summary of key qualifications and competences: Doctor of Medicine (MD); Master of Public Health (MPH); Master of Business Administration (MBA-Corporate Management) and PhD Epidemiology (human toxicology)/td>

  1. Strategically managing (planning, implementing, supervising, controlling, monitoring and evaluating) health service/care systems and business corporate/ institutions
  2. Teaching/training and counseling and guiding people and institutions on business and academic aspects
  3. Monitoring and evaluation of health operations/projects and programs in health systems (including hands on data management and data analysis, data analysis output interpretation)
  4. Research on public health issues including epidemiological and toxicological aspects for public health safety
  5. Managing patients as a general practitioner
  6. And more

Time range Level (certificate) reached Institution
2015 – 2018 PhD Epidemiology (human toxicology) Norwegian University of Life Sciences
2006 – 2008 MBA-Master of Business Administration (corporate management) Mzumbe University
2002 – 2003 MPH-Master of Public Health University of Dar Es Salaam
1992 – 1997 MD-Doctor of Medicine University of Dar Es Salaam
1988 – 1991 Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Pugu High School
1984 – 1988 Ordinary Certificate of Secondary Education Mwanza Secondary  School

2003 Sept –December Management Certificate (Best MPH student offer) Eschborn GTZ Head Quarters In Germany
1998 – 1999 Medical Doctor Internship Certificate Muhimbili National Hospital
2006 Teaching Methodology In Adult Learning: District Health Management (MOHSW And GTZ) Bugando Consultant Hospital Mwanza
2006 Teaching Methodology, Learner Centred Approach Tanzania Training Centre For International Health & Swiss Tropical Institute
2006 (Three months) Teaching Methodology Certificate Of Ministry Of Health Primary Health Care Institute, Iringa
2004 Joint Proposal Preparation On Intervention Trials Accra Ghana
2004 Proposing And Reporting On Intervention Trials AMANET, Arusha
2004 Good Clinical Practice (GCP) AMANET Bagamoyo
2001 (March to May) Emergency Medicine and Child Health Zams Hospital, Tirol, Austria
2000 From Managing Diseases To Managing Health Systems, A Certificate Advanced Course Swiss Tropical Institute

2007 – To date Director Of Health And Clinical Services,  Clinical/Medical Practitioner and Senior Lecturer Mzumbe University
2005 – 2007 Director/Principal Tanzania Training Centre For International Health, Ifakara
2000 – 2004 St Francis Designated District Hospital As A Clinician Ifakara Consultant Hospital
1999 – 2000 General Clinical Practitioner Tumaini Hospital, Dar Es Salaam

2004 Projects “Reaching The Poor With VCT And TOIs” Integrated In IHI-DSS As A Principle Investigator Ifakara Health Institute (IHI), Ifakara
2000 – 2005 More Than 4 Years As A Clinical Research Collaborator/Scientist Of IHI Located In The Same Campus With The Hospital Ifakara Health Institute (IHI), Ifakara
2000 – 2005 Inpatient (Clinical) Disease Surveillance System (CSS) In Paediatrics Ifakara Health Institute (IHI), Ifakara

2000 – 2018 Teaching and Supervising Adult Learners, Data management and Analysis, Health Monitoring and Evaluation and Health psychology) Tanzanian Training Centre for International Health (TTCIH), Ifakara and Mzumbe University
2000 – 2018 Managing Clinical Cases and Head of departments (Paed and OBsGynae etc Ifakara Consultant Hospital
2000 – 2018 Management Of Health Systems Including Human Resource Management, Finances And Management Ifakara and Mzumbe University Campuses
2006 – 2012 Establishing and Controlling Systems, Business Administration At KingCollins Education Centre KingCollins Schools, Ifakara
2005 – 2012 Working With Multicultural Professionals And Non Professionals TTCIH, IHI And Mzumbe University
2010 Curriculum Development, Particularly Competence Based Curriculum Ministry of Health and NACTE
2005 – 2007 Managing Change As A Director Public Private Partnership Of (MOHSW, Swiss Tropical Institute And Novartis Foundation For Sustainable Development), From COTC to TTCIH, Ifakara (See www.healthtrainingifakara.org) TTCIH, Ifakara
2002 and 2007 MPH And MBA Research Works respectively Kibaha and Mvomero Districts
2003 Consultancy as a professional option online course by inWent Germany, Bonn

  1. Member Tanzania Public Health Association (TPHA)
  2. Editorial member (TPHA)
  3. Board member Journal of East African Journal of Applied Health Monitoring and Evaluation (EAJAHME)

2003 DS Tarimo & Manyilizu WB (2006).  “Clients’ perceptions on the new treatment policy for uncomplicated childhood malaria in Kibaha district” 2003 East African Journal of Public Health – Vol. 3, No. 1
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2017 Manyilizu WB, Mdegela RH, Helleve A, Skjerve E, Kazwala R, Nonga H, Muller MHB, Lie E and Lyche JL.

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Submitted 2018 Müller MHB, Polder A, Brynildsrud OB, Karimi M, Lie E, Manyilizu WB, Mdegela RH4, Mokiti F, Murtadha M, Nonga HE, Skaare JU, Lyche JL (2016). Assessment of prenatal exposure to persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in Northern Tanzania and the distribution of POPs between breast milk, maternal blood, placenta and cord blood
2016: Online


Müller MHB, Polder A, Behnisch P, Lie E, Felzel E, Manyilizu WB, Mdegela RH, Mokiti F, Murtadha M, Nonga HE, Skaare JU, Solhaug A, Lyche JL (2016). Human monitoring in Tanzania: Assessing exposure to dioxin-like compounds in Tanzanian mothers using DR CALUX®

2008 A Way Towards Becoming A Researcher: Introduction to Quantitative and Qualitative Techniques Handbook for Research Beginners and Students in Higher Learning Institutions, Publisher, Mzumbe University
2012 The Art of Research Report Writing: An introduction to beginners, Publisher, Mzumbe University
2014 Ishi Bila Maradhi, Publisher, Ufunuo Publishing House, Tanzania
2018 Submitted Step by step practical data management and analysis in health sector: Quantitative approach, Publisher, Mzumbe University
Conference presentations Several, (some) including: Presentation in Berlin and Bonn Germany (2003): (data management and presenting-Tanzania perspective)Health worker motivation in Africa: the role of non-financial incentives and human resource management tools Published by Inke Mathauer1Email author and Ingo Imhoff (Human Resources for Health20064:24 https://doi.org/10.1186/1478-4491-4-24)
Student research/report supervision  Undergraduate80 research reportsGraduate24 research reports
Granted projects Manyilizu WB, S Mtenga , R Nathan, B Idindili, O Mukasa and H Masanja (2006). Reaching the most poor with HIV voluntary counselling and testing and treatment of infections: An incidence Research in rural Kilombero district, Tanzania. http://www.ihrdc.org/information/ongoing_projects01.html

Manyilizu WB (2009-2010). P3P Round I Champion project on HIV and AIDS intervention at workplace: Men as Champion agent in prevention efforts. Funded by USAID=40 Tshs million. Unpublished reports

Manyilizu WB (2009-2010). Survey for Situational Analysis on HIV and AIDS for HLIs a case of Mzumbe University campuses and the Surrounding: Development of workplace HIV policy, HIV intervention Strategy for the University and a costed action plan. Funded by TACAIDS= Tshs 35 million. Unpublished reports (highlighted MU newsletter, issue No 9 of Jan-June, 2010)

Manyilizu WB (2010). Survey on Situational Analysis of HIV in selected Higher Learning Institutions in Tanzania for East African Universities in Basin of Lake Victoria as an investigator at Mzumbe University, Principal Investigators from UDSM. Funded by African Association of Universities (AAU)

Manyilizu WB (2009-2017). Care and Treatment Services for HIV and AIDS a case of Mzumbe ward: Intervention package for the public. Funded by USAID=91 and 92 tshs million for 2009 and 2010 years, then 2012-2016, and transformed into USAID Boresha Afya ongoing project.

Manyilizu WB and I. Makombe (2012). Baseline Survey on Sexual Harassment at Mzumbe University for Joint Anti Sexual Harassment and HIV policy development. Funded by African Association of Universities

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