Wilbert Bunini Manyilizu

Director of Health and Clinical Services dealing with Treatment and Public Health

Wilbert Bunini Manyilizu is the Director of Public Health and Clinical Services Treatment and Public Health at Mzumbe University. Dr Bunini provides leadership for the team of health care providers and is a technical advisor for the university in preventive health issues of public health interest. In addition, he teaches epidemiology and health psychology for health systems management in the faculty. Dr. Bunini is experienced in strategic planning and management as well as curriculum development and teaching and learning processes. He has led teams and participated in the development of strategic plans, curricula, and training manuals but also participated in the implementation of various activities at the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare Tanzanian Training Centre for International Health (Ifakara), and Mzumbe University for more than 10 years. He has proposed and been awarded a number of projects and successfully supervised US funded projects both at Ifakara and at Mzumbe University.

Before joining Mzumbe University in 2007, Dr. Bunini held various senior positions at St Francis Consultant Hospital, and as a Tanzanian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare trainer at the Tanzanian Training Centre for International Health, Ifakara. Dr Bunini served as the head of different departments at the hospital and the Director/Principal of the Tanzanian Training Centre for International Health, Ifakara. He is also currently a director at Mzumbe University. In addition, Dr Bunini practiced medicine as a general practitioner at St Francis Consultant Hospital in Ifakara and involved himself in clinical research activities at Ifakara Health Institute (Ifakara Health Research and Development Centre by then).

Dr Bunini received an MD in 1997 and an MPH in 2003 from the University of Dar Es Salaam, an MBA (corporate management) in 2008 from Mzumbe University, and is currently a PhD candidate in Epidemiology (human toxicology) at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences with a particular interest in environmental chemical pollution, exposure studies, effect assessment studies and human health.


Scattered not focusing on current area of interest


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