DIRECT HEALTH FACILITY FINANCING (DHFF), Presented at the 1st Annual M&E Conference 11-15th December 2017 at SeaScape Hotel, Mbezi Beach, Dar es Salaam by Dr. Anna Nswilla, Assist Director Health Services, OR – TAMISEMI, Dodoma

Data Collection and Management for Monitoring and Evaluation of Health Services at LGAs level by Dr. Ntuli A.  Kapologwe (Director Health, Social Welfare & Nutrition) & Dr. Anna L. Nswilla (Assisst. Director Health Services) Health Depart. PORALG, Dodoma

Use of mobile technology in malaria elimination setting: A case study in Zanzibar by Mohamed H. AliZANZIBAR MALARIA ELIMINATION PROGRAMME
Public Health Surveillance using routine individual-level data Meaning, Implementation & Result by Jim Todd

Annual Health M&E Best Practices Conference, Dar-es-Salaam: 14th December 2017

HIV CASE BASED SURVEILLANCE IN KENYA By Wanjiru Waruiru, University of California San Francisco, December 13, 2017
What should be the roles of  the M&E Universities on Technical Support to the Government of Tanzania by Claud J. Kumalija, Principal Statistical Epidemiologist, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist. 11- 14 Dec  2017
Best practices on M&E.

The case of Global Programs – Mozambique

Uses of data in planning process at LGAs: Stories from Council Health Management Team (CHMTs) by Dr. Mackfallen Anasel, Dr. Idda Lyatonga, Dr. Orest Masue from Mzumbe University.
Data collection for Public Health Decision making: can the use of Participatory Action Research (PAR) add value? By Dr. Orest Sebastian Masue, Dr.  Mackfallen G. Anasel & Dr. Idda Lyatonga Swai
The What, When, Why and How Questions in Evaluating Interventions: Selected Cases By Professor Prosper +255 754 653 740