mackMackfallen G. Anasel

Mackfallen G. Anasel is a lecturer at the Department of Health Systems Management at Mzumbe University, Morogoro, Tanzania. He teaches Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methodology in Monitoring and Evaluation, Introduction to Biostatistics, and Research Methods in Health Systems Management. He holds a Bachelor of Public Administration-Health Systems Management from Mzumbe University and a Master of Science in Population Studies from Groningen University, the Netherlands. He is currently pursuing his PhD in the department of Demography, faculty of Special Science, Groningen University, the Netherlands. His research interests include reproductive and child health, and family planning programmes, and his recent publications include:

  1. The Qualitative-Quantitative ‘Disparities’ in Social Science Research: What Does Qualitative Comparative Analysis (CQA) Brings in to Bridge the Gap?
  2. Determinants of contraceptive use among married women in Tanzania: policy implication.
  3. Achievements and Challenges of women special seats arrangement in Tanzania: